3 Things Every Church Website Needs

Let’s be real: your church website isn’t where your church members are hanging out. With the attention spans heading towards eight seconds, you need to make sure people – especially guests – can quickly get what they need from your website.

Here are the top three things your church website needs.

1. Location.

People need to know your location and how to contact you. Provide an easily located address and access to contact information from the homepage.

2. Meeting times.

The footer is a fine location for this and the location if your design skills aren’t advanced enough to make such information look ok in the header.

It’s the information most people are after from your church website, especially on their first visit. If you have a thorough communications system and use a hub model for website content communicated to the congregation then people have more reasons to visit your site. Even then, make sure your meeting times and location are easily found.

3. Guest information basics.

Want to make someone feel unwelcome at your meeting place? Start by making them feel unwelcome on your website. Quick and concise guest information should be easy to find and is usually done by a “New” main menu item. Tell us things like where our kids will be and what they’ll be doing. Also tell us they’ll be in a safe environment – assuming you have one of those and your volunteers have had background checks.

If you don’t have these items, don’t fret. Just take the first step in the right direction and get something added as soon as possible.

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Author: Brian Holaway

Brian’s work is about imagination and creativity. Using his visionary skills, he has developed, designed, implemented, and executed communication and technology strategies within non-profits for over 20 years.
His expertise lies in comprehensive design, communication, and technical knowledge.